A complete and modular solution

Sage HRM X3 is intended for companies that want to optimise the Payroll and Administrative management, develop a global human resources Management, follow up reorganisations, develop and build Human Capital loyalty.
This solution gives Directors of Human Resources the possibility to significantly contribute to the company goals.

Main Functions

  • Wages and Administrative Management - Optimise the payroll and employees’ management, thanks to a powerful system and a pre-parameterised and customisable application.
  • Time and Activities - Facilitated planning of activities, simple and protected registration and a graphic display of employees’ activity.
  • Skills - Improve the talents management and make easier the mapping of posts/functions, thanks to a reference basis of single and transversal functions and skills.

  • Careers Management - Assess and add value to employees, as well as increase their loyalty with simple, coherent and efficient functions. Quickly identify the ideal profile for each post, job or mission.
  • Training - Boost human capital with training policies management, building a training catalogue defining the guidance for training plans. Graphically view the set of scheduled sessions.
  • Control - Increase the visibility of the strategic role of HRD, thanks to the control frameworks and relevant HR indicators.

Improve Productivity

  • Administrative Management - Individual-based management thanks to the registration singularity with a huge record of data (personal data, medical examinations, holdings and dividends management, demonstrated interest, qualifications, certificates, management of self-employed people).
  • Multi-Society Management - Single reference basis of the management rules, shared by all entities in the same group of societies with automatic inheritance of parameters.
  • Document Management - Automatic generation of administrative documents (preliminary agreements (promise of employment), employment agreements and addenda, amendments), possibility to attach documents to personnel files, payrolls archive.
  • Declarations - Social report, Staff Chart, Maps of Insurance and Workers Unions, Model 10, Declaration of Withholding tax, Declaration of Payments to Social Security.
  • Expense Notes - Expenses registration, management and accounting.
  • Payment Cycle - Possibility to take charge, within the same sequence, of all the required operations to perform declarations of payment to employees or to a selected population.

  • Times and Activities - Customisable record, collection of working time, unlimited kinds of events, analytical distribution.
  • Skills - Single and transversal reference basis shared by training, assessment, careers, posts and functions. Skills are parameterised and defined according to levels.
  • Posts and Functions - Description of type posts, allowing the preparation of a functional map that eases job creation. Possibility to visualise functional organisational charts.
  • Careers Management - Management and history of employees’ career. Automatic Inheritance of skills following the assignment to a post, training session or specific assessment. Skills can be also entered by hand.
  • Training Management - Definition of institutions, training courses and sessions. Management of the training plan versions and issue of certificates.
  • Decentralisation of Processe - Functional and synchronous access to Web ISO, allowing all the resources to be held responsible.
  • Management - Simple and easy to access control tools, encouraging decision-making.