X3 App

X3 App main features - Access and manage your data in a simple, quick and intuitive way:

Customer information's:

  • Customer search by keywords or lists;
  • Address’s, payment terms, credit insurance and amount outstanding;
  • Planning route to the address client and suggest alternative routes.


Commercial analysis of the customer:

  • Sales by customer (comparing 3 years);
  • Sales by product (comparing 3 years);
  • Sales by customer’s family or product family (comparing 3 years);
  • Best selling products and family products;
  • Best customers and family customers;

Financial analysis of the customer:

  • Due Documents and send it by e-mail;
  • Credit amount;


Analysis of the Company's business:

  • Analysis by companies or establishments belonging to a society;
  • Total sales (comparing 3 years);
  • Sales by product / company / establishment (comparing 3 years);
  • Sales by product family / company / establishment (comparing 3 years);
  • Best sales by product family / company / establishment;

The X3app developed by F5IT to iphone/ipad allows mobility within Sage ERPX3 decision makers of companies that uses our solution. This development witnesses the capabilities of Safe X3 platform that allows our partners and customers to create value-added to the X3.
Hugo Oliveira – Sales Manager, MGE Division da Sage Portugal


  • Multilingual
  • Multicompany
  • Multicurrency
  • Multiplatform

Principal Target:

  • Administrators
  • Commercial Directors
  • Commercials

Minimum Requirements:

  • You can download the Sage ERP X3 is X3app the Apple Store;
  • Application compatible with iPhone and / or iPad (IOS5 or higher) (available soon for Android 2.3 or higher)
  • To use this application, you must have configured the webservices in SAGE ERP X3 and parameterized the statistics;
  • The X3app SAGE ERP X3 is designed to work with the V5 and V6 versions of SAGE ERP X3.