Changing. It’s not easy.

Any system (human, animal, corporate) struggles to keep its balance. For most companies, the pain of change is greater than the pain to maintain the status quo

Even when that status quo includes their current dysfunctional and ineffective business management systems. The same was true in TMC. Eventually they realised that they couldn’t postpone their management system update any longer. See how TMC found the solution and ideal partner to change with confidence, and above all, see the business with fresh eyes and innovate.

TMC needed a modern ERP system, They had worked, for over a decade, with a tailored English central management solution and a local accounting solution.. These systems were incredibly rigid and any change was expensive. As they were working with two separate systems (process and accounting),. reconciliation was complex and lengthy. They realized the ideal solution would be to centralise all processes in one solution, including both accounting and financial areas.

There are several ERP solutions that regardless of the price difference look similar and very complete. The biggest concern was to find a partner that truly understood our needs and difficulties

Brian Schaff (TMC IBERIA General Manager)

Finding the ideal ERP partner

The big challenge was to find the ideal ERP solution and partner who truly understood the TMC business. Whatever the chosen solution was, it would have to adapt to TMC’s business. TMC have a wide variety of products and each product has several legislative particularities – some are living animals that grow, breed stock, die and divide themselves.

We had the perfect notion that a poorly chosen initial team would be disastrous and very costly in the long / medium term for the company. Therefore we analyzed several solutions, both national and international.

Brian Schaff (TMC IBERIA General Manager)

The Sage ERP X3 solution excelled, it:

  • Is easy to set the processes within the system to exactly match the very specific business processes of TMC.
  • Has a diversity of fields and areas possible to control.
  • Has Multilingual and multi-legislation capabilities
  • Is the Premium platform of a multinational corporation; guaranteeing a system that can be used for the whole business group at several management levels.

This decision was the start of a crucial turning point, and it happened when we met the team with whom we were going to work. At F5IT we found experienced people with work patterns similar to ours. We felt that they truly understood our processes. Identified our handicaps and gave us a realistic cost effective assessment of what we wanted to achieve.

Brian Schaff (TMC IBERIA General Manager)


Easy integration with the existing technological infrastructure.

TMC assigned two people to work on the integration between financial procedures and the operational requirements so that they could fully understand the capability of the system and understand what analysis they could get in the future. They ran the old and new systems in parallel and found that any changes were easy to make.

The necessary adjustments were simple and peaceful. The local team has adapted quickly to the new system.

Brian Schaff (TMC IBERIA General Manager)


Sage ERP X3 gave TMC the necessary confidence to achieve a greater integration of its whole group and to look at the business with fresh eyes. According to Brian Schaff, the initially proposed objectives and expectations were surpassed. This type of project gives the opportunity to look at the business differently and take advantage of the features to begin to innovate in other areas. One of the areas, where Sage ERP X3 will function perfectly, will be in its integration to an on-line sales platform. TMC will be looking at mobile solutions and how to make the best of the investment they have made in order to improve the service they give to their clients and to remain in a leading and central market position.


With Sage ERP X3 we achieve greater standardisation of processes and save resources in the long term.

Brian Schaff (TMC IBERIA General Manager)

Lessons Learned

The 3 pillars that guarantee the success of any ERP

According to Jaime Lopes, Executive Manager of F5IT, the success of this project was due to the following best practices:

  1. Involvement of the management team. The full-on engagement by the TMC management, the way they led with objectivity all the steps and operational processes they wished to see reflected in Sage ERP X3. This involvement led to a huge cooperation and interaction of both companies, making the job of parameterization and transition very easy and fluid.
  1. Interest in knowing the features: the transfer of know-how to a client who always showed a lot of interest in knowing all the existing features from Sage ERP X3, to take advantage of the ERP as a whole, making the most of the potential of the SAFE X3 platform to improve important processes in the organisation.
  2. Adaptability and innovation Despite some particularities inherent to the business, TMC were keen to adapt many of their existing processes to the standard structure within Sage ERP X3 as they recognized the added value in using these standard processes where possible.,. All these standard features, available in Sage ERP X3, have proved to be valuable to companies wanting to optimise and enhance business performance.

These good practices are the cornerstones to the success of any ERP system. Following the implementation in Portugal, and facing the added value found in the Sage ERP X3 solution, a decision was taken to implement Sage ERP X3 in the whole Group.

Sage ERP X3

Sage ERP X3 is Sage Group’s global ERP solution for mid-sized companies and subsidiaries of large groups with international demands. For over 10 years Sage ERP X3 has been a proven and comprehensive ERP solution addressing mid-market companies’ specific requirements and challenges in industries from manufacturing and services, to distribution and many more.

Sage ERP X3 has presence in more than 60 countries worldwide, with 260 resellers and more than 2,000 consultants in its ecosystem. Over 4,000 customers have chosen Sage ERP X3 because it is easy to use, rapid to deploy, and cost effective.

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