Operating in the telecommunications market (distribution of equipment for telecommunications infrastructures) for over 20 years, the ETC Group has a historic presence in France, Israel, Kenya, Dominican Republic and since September 2015 in Portugal.

Since 2015 ETCP has been using Sage X3 in its main functional areas (purchase, sales, distribution, stocks, treasury and finance). Faced with the growing needs of its business, ETCP sought a solution for its warehouse management needs, one that could optimize the entire logistics chain. Their WMS is now complemented with Sage X3 with the implementation of these key features:

  • Implementation of mobile terminals for the processes of receiving, storing, picking, issuing labels.
  • Stock management with single product and multi product pallet
  • Optimized storage plan
  • Pallet Stock Movements
  • Management of product status and serial numbers
  • Picking plan according to delivery criteria

This project, which lasted approximately 6 months, is the basis for other business areas that ETCP will explore in the coming years.