ECODEAL SA is an Integrated Waste Management company that operates in the environmental sector, one of its objectives was to ensure the integration of electronic waste monitoring guides, known as e-GAR, with Sage X3. To accomplish this, F5IT has developed an integrated application (Webservices API) that enables direct communication between the Integrated Environment Licensing System (SILiAmb) portal and Sage X3.

For e-GAR’s creation, acceptance and correction functionality, F5IT made tailored developments on Sage X3. Alarmistic and reporting mechanisms to support ECODEAL’s daily processes, were also developed.

The project lasted 6 months (e-GAR V1) and 4 months (e-GAR V2). Qualitatively, ECODEAL now has all the features available on the SILiAmb portal, regarding e-GAR, directly on its ERP system. This has increased the level of traceability of waste entry and exit flows.