F5IT has developed, in Sage X3, an add’on that provides a “Holiday and Absence” function, allowing each employee to register the dates on which they will be out. Know the details of this feature:

1. Periods of Unavailability

For the Holiday Registration module, the standard function of Sage X3 Unavailability Periods is used, which allows creating, for each year, the registration of holidays, as well as other days that are unavailable for the company.

Access to this function through the PROCESS:

In this function, the records are separated by year and it is possible to identify the unavailability dates as well as their designation.

If the employee tries to register a vacation day on an “unavailable” date, the system will alert you to the fact and will not allow you to register the date in question.

2. Vacation Record

The “Vacation Record” function allows each employee to enter the dates on which they will be absent, whether for Vacation, Absence or Leave. Access to the function is done through PROCESS:

2.1 Approving Users

In each user’s file it’s possible to define another user who will have Approval permissions on the registered vacations:

The Approver will receive an email whenever it is necessary to approve a user’s vacation.

2.2 Vacation Registration – Employee

As indicated, each employee can enter the absence dates here. For each year, the respective vacation days will be loaded, as well as any unused days related to the previous year.

When the absence dates are entered, the fields for:

  • Scheduled vacation
  • Balance
  • Total days absences
  • Total days leave

Each employee will only have access to their vacation records, and it is possible to assign extended access, such as, for example, a user accessing their records and those of their team.

The dates entered are available for modification until they are approved. After that, it’s impossible to modify or delete. From the moment the vacation is approved, only the person in charge will be able to make changes to the records.

The approval of vacation days must be communicated through the “Send for Approval” button, located in the upper right corner of the function. By clicking on the button, the system will send an email to the Approver, with the user’s cc, indicating that there are holidays to validate.