Great Place To Work® held, on March 29th, the BEST WORKSPLACES – an annual event that permeates the 10 best companies to work in Portugal.

F5IT is proud of being classified as the 6th best company to work for in Portugal (“up to 50 employees” category).

Great Place To Work® is the global authority on workplace culture. Present in around 100 countries, it is an international reference in the area of ​​research and consulting, aiming, in addition to publishing annual lists, to make a permanent contribution to improving organizations’ work environments.

Portugal was the first affiliate outside America and has been working with organizations for 20 years with the aim of promoting the human factor, confident of improving relationships and, consequently, production and its financial results.

How does the certification and clearance process for the BEST WORKPLACES Portugal Ranking work?

The first stage – GPTW Certification – involves listening to employees through an anonymous organizational “audit”. The most complete questionnaire on organizational climate (Trust Index©) and the dossier on company practices (Culture Audit©) are used.

This Employee Experience can generate more revenue and put companies on another level of notoriety, increasing employee motivation.

For F5IT, this first stage took place in September 2022, when we were officially recognized as a “good company to work for”. This certification is awarded to organizations that achieve a result of more than 70% in their Trust Index©, with F5IT proudly standing out with 93%!

From the moment a company obtains certification, it is automatically qualified to compete for the “Best Workplaces”. In this new phase, organizations share their Culture Audit© with Great Place To Work® – a document that reflects, in detail, the organizational climate and company practices. Some of the topics addressed in this report are, for example:

  • Explanation of why the company should be considered a great place to work;
  • If the company guarantees that all employees – regardless of who they are or the position they hold – can reach their highest potential, what are the values ​​/ guiding principles of the organization;
  • What is the strategy to ensure a successful business and how are the direction and goals developed and communicated throughout the organization;
  • How does the organization involve employees in developing new ideas and/or better ways of doing things.

The selection of the best companies to work for, by size, is calculated based on the results of the Trust Index© and Culture Audit©. All companies that obtained the initial certification are automatically qualified to compete for the Best Workplaces – the 10 best companies to work for in Portugal. There are 5 dimensions (up to 50, from 51 to 100, from 101 to 200, from 201 to 500 and more than 500 employees), making a total of 50 distinguished companies. The revelation of this ranking is held annually, in an event of national dimension, with live transmission.

F5IT is extremely proud to be recognized as the 6th best company to work for in Portugal, in the “up to 50 workers” dimension. It was the first year that F5IT applied and joined the Great Place To Work® project – the fact that we received this distinction as soon as we decided to “enter the race”, fills us with pride and enthusiasm for the future. This award represents the beginning of a very important phase for F5IT – a company focused on its people, its customers and its partners.