Due to the growing need to extract information from Sage X3 and in order to respond to the needs of our customers, F5IT invested in the development of a specialized functionality that, in addition to being effective, simplifies the process. With this development, it is already possible to export and send SQL views (SQL views) directly by e-mail, thus allowing to send information/data efficiently.

With this feature, users can choose various file formats to export SQL views, including PDF, XLS, CSV and others. This flexibility allows you to select the format best suited to your needs and, in this way, ensure that information is presented and sent in a clear and legible manner.

A significant advantage of this solution is the ability to schedule the emails to be sent. This means that users can configure specific days and times for automatic sending. This automation saves time and ensures that information reaches its destination at the right time, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Furthermore, this functionality offers advanced customization features. It is possible to parameterize the senders/recipients of the emails, adapting to the individual needs of each user. It is also possible to customize the body and subject of the email.

To ensure the integrity and reliability of the process, F5IT included a trace feature, making it possible to follow and consult the functionality’s execution status and verify that everything went according to plan. This solution provides an additional layer of security and ensures the accuracy of exported and sent data.

With this solution, companies can access Sage X3 information in a flexible and automated way, allowing users to extract relevant data quickly and efficiently, according to their needs. The ability to export SQL views via email also simplifies communicating and sharing important information.

If you are looking for a solution to optimize the process of extracting and sending information from Sage X3, the functionality developed by F5IT is the answer.

For more information, contact us: geral@f5it.pt