Do you know that it’s possible to see your querie’s information in graphic in Sage X3?

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Did you know that Sage X3 can automatically control credit/outstanding amounts, both for customers and suppliers?
Save time for what really matters and parameterize this functionality that will give you real-time feedback on the status of each customer/supplier.

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Did you know that it’s possible to scale down images imported into Sage X3? By installing an add-on, we can compress the images automatically, without requiring user intervention.

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Do you know that it’s possible to control your purchase orders approval through Sage X3? By activating and parameterizing the signature functionality, we can define approval rules or delegate the task to other users.

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Did you know that it’s possible to receive an email notification about the status of your automated tasks running in Sage X3?
This solution, configurable according to your needs, is an excellent automatic feature.

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Still generating payments manually? Payment proposal functionality is available in your Sage X3, allowing you to facilitate the process and make it more efficient. Find out how – Watch our December TIP:

Sage X3 has a tool which allows you to make all your searches easier. This feature allows you to optimize your searching time: watch how simple and fast you can do it!

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Did you know that it’s possible to import bank statements from MT940 files via Sage X3? Sage X3 has a new feature – Advanced Import – allowing this process to be much more dynamic!

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Sage X3 allows you to export information from your queries and representations to excel. The big plus? You just need to export once! After saving the document on your computer, you do not need to re-export each time you want to analyze your information. Know how!

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Sending SMS’s to your contacts through Sage X3 is possible, easy and fast. Have you ever thought about the benefits that this feature can offer your company? Saving time is one of them!

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Unbalanced documents? Sage X3 allows us to verify, when validating a document that will be accounted for, which values ​​must be considered and proceed with the respective correction, through the SIGMA functionality.

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 Are you responsible for the procurement and purchasing area and find it difficult to decide How much, When and Whom to buy?

SAGE X3 has a resupply tool that helps you answer these questions.

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Bad Debt Management in Sage X3

Did you know that the entire process of managing bad debts can be carried out automatically on your Sage X3? Sage X3 now has a tool that allows companies to manage this entire process.

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Marketing Campaign Management in Sage X3

These days, the success of brands depends on their marketing campaigns. This success is reflected in sales. With Sage X3, you can have detailed monitoring of your campaigns.

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The best Apps for your SAGE X3 

F5IT develops several mobile applications that integrate with SAGE X3.
Any report generated in SAGE X3 can be sent to our apps in real time!

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SAGE X3 – Cost Adjustment

“Did you know that now, in SAGE X3, you can ALWAYS have the margins updated with the cost price of the goods or raw materials?

Throughout the buying and selling process, there are many variables that can change the cost price of raw materials or goods.

When the cost price depends on factors such as transport costs, insurance, customs expenses or just because the price of the raw material itself is constantly changing, companies often lose track of these changes, either because their suppliers’ invoices take a long time to arrive or because many times the merchandise has already been sold.

Sage X3 has the solution to this common problem.

Purchase Shipments

Sage X3 has a purchasing module that allows transport and shipping management.

Let’s see some benefits of what’s possible to do:

  • Control the order lines you want to ship, being able to change the respective quantities (or not);
  • Control supply flows in order to avoid stock shortages;
  • Control departure/arrival times, transporting ways, etc.

Besides these processes, when there are additional costs related to transport, it’s possible to associate this cost to a shipment, which can affect the cost of your items.

Bank Reconciliation

Still doing Bank Reconciliation in Excel? With Sage X3, that’s old news!

Watch the video and understand how Sage X3 integrates this solution.

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