Power BI 

Going from raw data to usable information in minutes it’s easier now: any data, any form, anywhere – and all in one dashboard. 

Power BI is a Microsoft Business Analytics tool that provides interactive visualizations and Business Intelligence capabilities, with a simple interface that allows users to create their own reports and dashboards. 

F5IT has accomplished several implementations of Power BI projects integrated with Sage X3. Our customer’s feedback is outstanding, as Power BI allows them to work on real time data, helping deliver internal reports on time. 

After the testing period, which allows for data validation, our customers can’t imagine working without Power BI again! 

Direct integration with ERP allows our customers to have updated information at any given moment, enabling the immediate detection of possible errors. The discrimination of reports by areas provides some assistance in detecting which processes need improving and where costs and profitability are concentrated. The aggregated perspective allows for a better understanding of the cost/benefit ratio and how to improve it. 

“The power of knowledge allows us to obtain valid and consolidated forecasts, which leads to confidently informed decision making. The relevance of making a decision with today’s information is different from looking at the data two weeks from now and making the same decision, where so much has already happened.”

Jorge Nunes – Administrative, Financial  and Human Resources Manager ECODEAL

Data-driven culture with business intelligence for everyone 

Anyone at any level in your organization can make confident decisions through real time analytics.  

Customized business-scale analytics 

Reduces costs, complexity and additional security risks inherent in maintaining multiple solutions with an analytics platform that scales from the individual level to the entire organization. 

  • Smart tools for better results 

Find and share relevant information with hundreds of data visualizations, built-in AI capabilities, tight integration with Excel, and pre-built and custom data connectors;  

  • Data Analysis protection 

Keep your data safe with industry-leading data security features including confidentiality tagging, end-to-end encryption and real-time access monitoring. 

With Sage X3, the main reports are focused on Sales, Purchases, Production and Finance. 

The KPI’s (when applicable and according to the information in the ERP) can be viewed and organized by: 

  • Product/Service, representative, family, type,placeor customer, etc. 
  • Annual, quarterly, monthly,weeklyor daily view 
  • In absolute value, percentage or average
  • The amount

Main Advantages 

  • Low cost
  • Interactive,intuitiveand personalized visualization 
  • Timely and real-time information – informed decisions
  • Quick and easy sharing within the organization
  • Collaborative reports
  • Security and access levels
  • Accessibility – Various platforms and devices, application integration and website embedding
  • Connectivity – Connection to different data sources
  • Gateway – Allows scheduled data update, even from sources outside the firewall
  • No technical knowledge required to use
  • Online community
  • Constant updates
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