X3 Money 

X3 Money is the ideal solution for payment and sending money (transfers) institutions, as well as companies that engage in the purchase and sale of currency – currency exchange management.
X3 Money, automates the operations inherent to currency exchange houses, with tight integration with accounting and enforces compliance rules required by the national banks of each country.
Based on the SAFE platform of Sage X3, it includes multi-currency, multi-site, multi-legislation – an integrated and robust solution, for running your business.


  • Automates the operation of Global money exchange (buying and selling of currency/currency);
  • Multi-Establishment with the integration of operations and of the positions of all branches easily and securely;
  • Integrated accounting system adapted to the needs and requirements of the sector;
  • Electronic storage of all documentation;
  • COMPLIANCE function flexible with the various rules necessary/required;
  • Multi-broker/service functionality, multilingual interface and multi-currency;
  • Management of exchange rates (buying and selling) customised by branch/service;
  • Custom Commission schemes for different agents/agencies-brokers and services;
  • Integration of all kinds of external technologies (third-party systems-banks, operators, etc..);


  • Simple tool with great potential for profit maximisation, for buying and selling currency, commodities, management and sending of transfers, etc;
  • Currency Exchange Management;
  • Management of clients and beneficiaries;
  • Compliance rules for transactions;
  • Integrated with the accounting;
  • Advanced reporting-stock position; balance sheet; listing of profits and losses;
  • Purchase and Sale foreign currency;
  • Currency transfers between stores;
  • Stock queries of currency: by store/Agency; movements;
  • Reports: Balance Sheet; Movements; extracts; Statistics of purchases and sales;

Secure, Robust and Scalable

Web Services API integration, secure integration with other agents or systems (e.g. Accounting Packages and other third party systems; Microsoft Office; SAP; Navision, etc…);
CRM Module for customer management;
Miscellaneous account plans – Multi-legislation platform;
Accounting / integration of operations in accounting;
Generation of invoices / receipts customer, store, payers;
Daily Cash Closing / Agency – Closing Reporting, Cash Sheet;
Profit and losses on real-time (online);


SSL encryption and user access limited;
Sophisticated Compliance Rules Engine with volume checks, velocity checks, suspicious checks, authority reports;
Prevent fraud with auto velocity/volume checks;
Check against compliance lists e.g. OFAC, EU Sanctions, etc;
Generate Authority Reports;
Advanced security – Company parametrizes all controls/Alerts needed;
End-to-end transaction tracking and management;

Statistics & Reporting

Management of Transfers and shipments;
Document expiry dates;
Transfers statistics by grand total;
Shipping rates and services;
Accounting, inter-store, balance sheet;
Possibility of new reports-Crystal Report Suite, SEI, Power BI;