Enterprise Dashboards – Your Business in Real Time 

Enterprise Dashboards is a real-time analysis and visualization system for operational and business metrics. As a solution for companies of all sizes, it can be applied to different sectors, such as logistics, production, retail or healthcare. 

Basically, it is a system that transforms metrics, counts, percentages and averages, from the simplest to the most complex (e.g., feed from WebServices or data transformation needs) into visually appealing and easy-to-read graphics, in real time.

Some of the advantages of implementing this system include increased team productivity (given the visualization of objectives in real time), better work organization, greater focus on meeting goals and a considerable reduction in operational errors. 

  • Cloud-based solution with quick and easy setup
  • Low resources requirements
  • Uses any datasource
  • Desktop and Mobile views. Can be used with thin-clients in kiosk mode
  • Unlimited users 

F5IT developed this partnership in order to incorporate and offer yet another added value solution to its customers. 

For more detailed information, schedule a meeting with uscomercial@f5it.pt 

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