Ticket Management

The implementation of an information system like Sage X3, or the multiple requests that are made to the company’s IT department (as well as other areas of the company), is sometimes difficult to manage and follow-up  by the teams working on the field and also by the Project Manager on the customer and service supplier side.

Taking into account the different needs of this particular area, F5IT has developed in SAGE X3, the HelpDesk Management System, which allows users to place their requests and issues, starting a workflow process with different authorisation levels for the request.

Main Advantages:

  • Direct access to end-users;
  • Levels/status of authorisation and execution of request;
  • Possibility to attach support information to the request application;
  • Automatic email to assigned user of the request;
  • Automatic reply when the request is concluded;
  • Listing requests by status and date;
  • Management of action priorities;
  • Better organisation of the pending issues inside the company;
  • Optimised interventions in the information system.