Take quick action and close sales with Sales V3.

Sales V3 App is an intuitive, mobile solution that connects your sales team to Sage X3 through a Smartphone or Tablet.

This is a brand new version, faster and compatible with Sage X3 V12. It provides businesses running Sage X3 with anytime, anywhere access to your business management data to help more effectively manage customers and sales.

With this self-service app, your sales team has the ability to make smarter decisions more quickly by accessing real-time customer information such as order history, dashboards on overall sales and specific product sales, and much more.


Sales V3 App helps field sales users improve responsiveness and effectiveness by seamlessly integrating with Sage X3.

This provides coherent, real-time insight on customer and prospect data, supports rapid and smarter decision-making and fosters continuous communication between the remote sales reps and office.

Sales V3 App improves the efficiency of your sales team by providing them with a Sales tool tailored to their own needs, and which extends the use of your Sage X3 solution – eliminating the need for your sales team to return to the office prior to making a sales-related decision as well as improving overall communications between sales reps in the field and the office.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence

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Key features in this new version:

  • New UI – brand new design (Smartphone & Tablet);

  • Faster navigation and communication with Sage X3;

  • Compatible with Sage X3 V12;

  • Real-time access to Sage X3;

  • Access info Online and Offline;

  • Printing options for Invoices and Payments through Bluetooth printers;

  • Add Products to Shopping Cart through Bar-code scanner;

  • Access SEI – Sage Enterprise Intelligence directly from the app;

  • Select which fields are displayed in various menus;

  • Signature through device screen and add it to a field;

  • Possibility to add custom fields;

  • Create, update and delete CRM, Sales and Common Data objects such as Customers, Orders, Invoices, Payments, Quotes, Returns, Deliveries, Tasks, Meetings;

  • And much more…

Note: To use this app, it is mandatory the use of web services from SAGE X3. For more information contact or your SAGE Partner.