In order to facilitate your company’s logistics processes, F5IT has developed an app connected with Sage X3. It is now possible to manage your warehouse through picking on your tablet or smartphone.

Some advantages of this solution:

  • Improved resource efficiency and speed;
  • Digital transformation of warehouse processes;
  • Paper elimination;
  • Order reception (barcode reader collection) and direct integration with Sage X3;
  • Deliveries (barcode reader collection);
  • Integrated inventory with Sage X3;
  • Printing labels from the app;
  • Sage X3 centralized information – street and back-office teams have a single source of truth;
  • Operational errors reduction.


  • Receptions & Shipments (picking through the barcode reader);
  • Miscellaneous receipts and issues;
  • Inventories;
  • Label printing from the application;
  • Picking Deliveries;
  • Inter-Site transfers;
  • Location transfers;
  • Shipping complement;
  • Tag control;
  • Manufacturing tracking (finish-product entry, material consumption and operation time recording).