WMS – Warehouse Management System & Logistics

WMS is an Add-on for Sage X3 dedicated to Warehouse and Logistics Management, it is the best way to have all information related to your warehouse integrated into your ERP.


• Companies with advanced logistics needs;
• Companies in need of managing third party stock;


  • Use of the Sage X3 framework for logistics processes.
  • Compatible with the latest ERP versions – Sage X3 V11 and Sage X3 V12
warehouse wms
  • Common Data:

    • Sites/Warehouses/Products

  • Locations and detailed typologies of locations

  • Management of movements by pallet or volume

  • Optimised input streams with storage plan features

  • Suggested storage route and locations

Picking App
  • Outbound flows optimised through picking plans

  • Checking by picking

  • Location replenishment plan

  • Optimised processes for picking terminals

  • Serial number management and movement tracking across locations

  • Label management