X3 Fleets

X3 Fleets is a Sage X3 vertical for car fleet management and distribution companies. It is the best solution to manage all information about vehicles, drivers, routes and associated expenses, such as costs and revenues for each distribution route.
X3 Fleets can work directly in your production folder (distribution companies), or as stand alone folder for fleet companies.

X3 Fleets is composed by:

Management of drivers

Detailed driver information;
Possibility of alerts;
Contractual information;


Daily driver information;
Km record;
Registration of schedules;
Registration of used vehicles;

Fleet Management

Detailed fleet vehicle information;
Contractual vehicle information;
Control over legal obligations;
Possibility of parameterization of alerts;
Quick and summarized consultation of fleet expenses;

Expenses Management

Detailed record of expenses;
Conciliation of expenses with fleet vehicles;
Integrated with third party vendor invoices;
Fuel invoice import model;
More rigor and control of your fleet expenses;

Statistics and Reporting

Logbook listing by driver / vehicle;
Listing of average fuel consumptions;
Listing of detailed costs by vehicle / functional area / establishment;
Cost statistics by functional area / establishment;
Parameterization of new statistics appropriate to each business model.

Route Management

Placing of orders with route assignment at the distributor;
Load analysis by route with possibility of distribution to other routes;
Route optimization with sorting of addresses on the route itself;
Integration of information with data collection systems (warehouse).